Monday, April 27, 2009

4-1 versus 0-12

4-1: the record of the Nationals during the 5 starts of their two rookies Martis and JZimmermann (Martis got a no-decision in a 2-hr rain delayed game).

0-12: their record in the starts of their "frontline 3" of Lannan, Olsen and Cabrera.

Now, I realize that that the lines of the front 3 aren't *that* bad. Lannan and Cabrera both have ERAs in the 4.40 range. What's concerning about Cabrera is his lack of velocity this year. He's only got 7 ks in 18 innings. This from a guy who last year had the highest average velocity on his fastball of any pitcher in the league.

Olsen and Cabrera both are sporting whips in the 1.80 range; very very bad.

I wonder how long the team will allow these two guys to put up these bad numbers before going to option B (Balester, Wells, Clippard, perhaps even Stammen, who's been lighting it up in AAA so far). I'm guessing 6 starts. If either one shows a line like 1-5 5.50 era 1.75 whip at the end of may, you'd have to think they're getting demoted to the pen or outright released.

Meanwhile, i'm eating my words on guys like Hill, Redding (on the DL with "shoulder fatigue" after not being able to beat out Livan Hernandez for the Mets' 5th starter spot) and Odalis Perez (i can't even find news items about him; i'll bet he's out of baseball for good).

*sigh* at least we have a couple of bright spots. 2010 rotation of Strasburg, JZimmerman, Martis, Lannan and FA signing-until-whatever-pitcher-we-take-at-9a-is-ready.

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