Friday, April 17, 2009

4/17/09: Nats vs. Phils (from a Phighten Phil Phaithful...)

Thought the Nats looked impressive from what I saw last night. Which wasn't all of the game. One note a Philly bud of mine mentioned, perfect storm for a loss last night -- Harry's passing, off-day followed by a rainout, and the Nats DESPERATE for a win. (Not taking anything away from the pesky Nats, but something just didn't seem right with the Phighten's.)

The Nats can certainly hit; that shouldn't be a problem for them. Although, imagine, and this could have been a near certainty, but imagine if they HAD NOT FINALLY SIGNED OFF ON ACQUIRING ADAM DUNN? He has had a lot to do with the early season offensive success. They almost entered 2009 season without a bat like his until the last days of free agency.

As for the Phils, REALLY NOT sure why Uncle Chollie would leave lefty/end of the rotation Jack Taschner out there to face three straight righties with a two run lead after he made Dunn look foolish. While at the same time he had a slew of righty relievers sitting in the 'pen chewing on Red Man chaw after two days of rest (off-day, rainout.)

Afterall, Hanrahan hasn't had a save opp yet this year and is ANYTHING but automatic. One walk and a longball, and it's a tie game.

I would only allow Taschner to pitch to lefties and THAT'S IT. If the Giants cut him loose earlier this year, obviously something is amiss. He mentioned the reason that his ERA was higher than half a dozen was because he was testing out a new pitch in spring training. Well, last I checked, the season is nearly two weeks old.

But I'll chalk this up as a mulligan for Chollie; I think the Phils just wanted to get the hell out of dodge.

So the Phils return home today/tonight for a game against the Pads, with their "ace" on the hill, and a sellout crowd of what will undoubtedly be 40,000+ emotionally wrecked fans after an all day wake/tribute to Harry the K, the first inning of the game on radio with no commentary in honor of the great one, and then the 7th inning stretch singing of Harry's favorite song, "High Hopes" by Frank Sinatra. Bring your tissues, this one is going to be rough. Days like this I miss being home...

Here's to hoping the Phightens can put up a solid effort and a few "outta here's!" in Harry's honor. I'm sure he'll be watching with "his Whiteness" from above, sharing a few bourbons and stogies.

Gonna miss your voice Harry. It's like my friend Chip said -- aside from my parents and sister, I have probably heard Harry Kalas' voice more than anyone else in my lifetime. Me too.

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