Monday, April 27, 2009

Come on! 13-11, really?

The nats managed tonight to blow two massive leads tonight:
- a 4-run lead in the 5th (Martis served up an 0-2 gopherball to Howard for a grand slam)
- a 4-run lead in the 8th (Mock and Hanrahan managing to give up 6 runs in one inning).

this would be Hanrahan's 3rd blown save in 5 opportunities, and our "closer" now sports a nifty 8.64 era. His replacement-in-training Mock isn't much better with his 9.82 era in 3 1/3 innings.

What the hell? I guess I can understand a 22-yr old missing his location and giving up a dinger to one of the game's premier sluggers. But I just don't get giving up 6 runs in the 8th inning.

Prediction: Hanrahan and Mock are optioned to AAA, Wells is made the temporary closer (until Beimel comes of IR; he's the most effective reliever we have right now), and we bring up the next guys to tryout in the bullpen: Clippard and Bergmann.

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  1. I warned you, that ballpark is a joke. NO LEAD is safe.

    Although give the Phillies credit -- Howard and Werth were BOTH patient against Hanrahan when both of them could have either tried to tie the game or take the lead with a long-ball, but they were patient, worked the count, worked two walks, loaded the bases so Hanrahan had to come in against Ibanez. Game over.

    Although I also will say, even though that park is a joke, Ibanez's shot was a no doubt about it line drive down the right field line. As were some of the other bombs last night.

    But Pedro Feliz's hit earlier in the night, when he was fooled and off-balanced a swing to left field SOMEHOW ended up at the fence and Dunn mishandled it.

    The Nats are just getting tough breaks now. J-Rol's popup down the third base line was a bad break -- SS playing up the middle and having to run a half mile as Zimmerman couldn't quite get there.

    I tell you one thing -- the Nats can freaking rake. They will be in every game this year with that offense and if they stay healthy.