Friday, April 24, 2009

The Epic "Can't Miss" Marathon that is the Annual NFL Draft...

Every year I say I'm going to ignore the annual NFL draft... I'm going to go out and take advantage of the day (draft day is usually one of the finest days of the year weather-wise in the DC area)... I'm going to be "productive", and "get things done" around the house...

And every year, it's the same thing -- I find myself captivated and sitting there virtually drueling on myself, with my heart-rate about as low as it can be and with virtually zero brain waves functioning as I sit there for hours upon hours and watch all of the ESPN "experts" argue and comment on college football players that have yet to ever play a down in the NFL.

All this while at the same time making sure to catch the latest player to scroll across the bottom of the screen to ensure I didn't miss ANYONE, or ANY PICKS, even though I had seen the same ticker 1,749 scrolled times earlier in the day. Woh -- the Eagles still have DeSean Jackson. Okay... Good. Nothing changed from four hours ago.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? If you are an NFL fan in today's day and age, I'm sure it probably does.

Although I will say over the last few years I have managed to pull myself away from this absolute waste of time -- few years back, took a road trip to the Steel City to meet up with some Philly buds and visit a friend living there at the time, all while catching the Phils play a game in Pittsburgh. I think we witnessed the Eagles pick at a sports bar around 3pm that year. So all in all:

a. Atleast I was out of the house
b. I was being productive (eating and drinking beers...)

And then there was last year, where I found out the Eagles traded their pick while sitting on the "19th hole" at our local golf course after enjoying a round of golf. Sad to say I felt I was missing OH SO MUCH on that beautiful Saturday afternoon. "What did the Eagles get in return for their pick?" "Who did they trade it to?" And why? Also sad to say, I had to get that information first hand at the bar at the golf course which fittingly had the draft on television. I missed half of the round's 19th hole banter so I could find out exactly what the Eagles did with that pick.

With all of that said... Who's meeting me tomorrow for beers so we can sit and discuss pointless football stuff in late April? See you donkeys tomorrow...


  1. Uh...hopefully this guy is meeting you at some point to discuss the draft. My worst case scenario as a Redskins fan for tomorrow:

    #1 Worst case scenario: Redskins trade God knows how many picks to move up to #3 or #4 and draft Mark Sanchez.

    #2 Worst case scenario: Sanchez falls to #13 and the Redskins draft him.

    Anything other than these two scenarios and draft day is a success in my book. So, let's look at some positive scenarios:

    #1 Best scenario: Redskins trade their #13 pick to move down and pick up some extra picks. Use picks to obtain an OL, DL, or LB.

    #2 Best scenario: Skins use their #13 pick to draft an OL, DL, or LB.

    #3 Best scenario: Skins forfeit their #13 pick and don't draft anyone...yes, it's gotten that bad in Washington, DC where no pick is better than a pick...especially if you lose your franchise QB (Jason Campbell) if you even sniff another QB.

  2. P.S. It's drooling. Not "drueling." Unless "drueling" is dueling meeting drooling. If that's the case, it might be an apt metaphor for sports fandom.

  3. I guess its a measure of my lack of passion for NFL football as I say this with confidence. I could not care less about the NFL draft, who the redskins get, or what idiotic move Snyder pulls to further alienate his franchise QB, his coaches, his joke of a general manager, or the like.

    A few years back I was actually entertaining purchasing club seats for redskins games. Now I drag myself there once a year and cringe at the nightmare day it has become ...

    I just dont' think i'll ever have the passion.