Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fantasy team gripes: How many weeks should I put up with these losers?

At draft night, i really didn't like many of my hitters. I thought I reached for Kinsler, didn't get any of the impact bats that I wanted. In fact, I don't think i have a single batter this season that I've *ever* had before (with the possible exception of Khalil Greene 2 yrs ago).

But Yahoo seemed to rank them all pretty highly, so I was optomistic.

Yeah, screw that. So, at the risk of sounding like droopy, i'm going to post about my sh*tty fantasy team.
Russell Martin, .226 no HRs
Garrett Atkins .213
Alexei Ramirez .167!! this was supposed to be some superstar in the making. I'm sitting him.
David Ortiz; i don't even know but i already dumped him for a 2nd baseman

I'm having decent success thus far w/ my all SP plans. I think I may have made a mistake trading Nolasco for Joba though. Joba just doesn't look up to the task of starting for the Yankees and may get put back int he bullpen. I think i pulled the trigger on Oliver Perez and Randy Johnson too fast (i see Jamos just swiped the big unit on waivers...). I may not stick with JZimmermann, or maybe I will.

Jamos; you're getting *killed* this week!


  1. As the owner of Garrett FATkins for seemingly the last three years or so (I think it's been two but I seem to have owned him every year I can remember), I have seen all of his numbers degenerate rather significantly over the last three years.

    Avg: .329, .301, .286
    HR: 29, 25, 21
    RBI: 120, 111, 99
    OPS: .965, .853, .780

    Those three year trends are typical of the players you should avoid in fantasy. Atkins will still probably end up putting together a "decent" season -- pretty much where he is ranked. And considering you are starting him at 3B and not 1B is an added bonus. But I don't think he's going to do any better than where he was projected, around 8-10 rated third baseman, with little "upside."

    I thought Kinsler was an interesting pick for you as you picked him in front of me #8 overall, but so far that's paying off for you.

    I think you took the first catcher of the draft getting Martin as early as you did. It's a tough position.

    Ortiz's numbers look simlilar to Atkins -- pretty significant decline over the last three years.

    Avg: .287, .332, .264
    HR: 54, 35, 23
    RBI: 137, 117, 89
    OPS: 1.049, 1.066, .877

    Although you saved yourself adding Aaron Hill, who could end up a top-five second baseman.

    The judgement is still out on your pitching. Kershaw, Scherzer, and Joba were the flavor of the year this year and you probably paid a lot to get them. You'll get some nice starts (Kershaw's early season double digit K gem) but also should be in for a rough ride (his last two starts) and consistency will be an issue.

  2. One additional note Boss, if you are drafting the 2006 Fantasy All-Star team, you'd be in good shape. But unfortunately it's 2009. :-P

  3. Atkins I took over Zimmerman b/c of position eligibility. Ortiz was definitely a flier; I was gambling he would recover. I think he's done and thats why I dumped him quickly.

    I think i made a mistake on trading for Joba.

    Like I said, i can't stand my hitters. at all. I loved the guys I had last year. I don't know what happened during the draft.