Thursday, April 23, 2009

Forbes' 10 most valuable sports franchises

following up from the previous post:

I wonder if the Yankees are now the most valuable franchise in the whole of sport. Let me do some research. Per Forbes in Jan 09, they're awfully close.

1. Manchester United $1.8B
2. Dallas Cowboys $1.6B
3. Washington Redskins $1.5B
4. NE Patriots 1.32B
5. NY Yankees 1.3B (but this doesn't jive with the 1.5B valuation above, perhaps they've increased in the last few months)
6. Real Madrid $1.29B
7. Arsenal $1.2B
8. NY Football Giants $1.8B
9. NY Jets $1.17B
10. Houston Texans $1.17B (mostly on the massive naming rights deal they have w/ Reliant).

Surprises that I would have expected to see on this list: No Barcelona or Liverpool. If the cubs ever got their own new stadium you'd have to think they'd skyrocket. No italian giant soccer teams like AC Milan or Juventus. Per this list those teams are numbers #5, #6, #7 and #9 in the soccer only list.

You probably would guess most of 11-20 are other NFL teams with newer stadiums. Christ, the least valuable NFL franchise is still worth $829m

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