Thursday, April 30, 2009

Harrisburg Senators: not looking good

In minor league systems, there's generally a system for where you place players.
- AAA: extra guys on the 40-man that you want to have in reserve to replace guys in the bigs who might get hurt.
- AA: Generally your top prospects, your guys who you expect to be on the MLB team the following year but who need one more full year of seasoning.
- high-A: your better prospects, your college draft picks after a year's seasoning.
- low-A: your more marginal prospects OR your high school guys getting a first year of full-time seasoning in pro ball.
- Short-A: Your good college draft picks first stop plus a stepping stone for HS players 2nd year
- Rookie: your lower college draft picks and HS draft picks.

So, how's the Nationals AA team right now, which is supposed to contain our stars of the future? Uh yeah that'd be 2-15, losers of 11 straight. And our pitching has been god-awful. Including two guys sitting on the 40-man in Detwiler and Atilano.

Detwiler: 0-2, 4.15 era, 1.73 whip, 12/9 k/bb in 17 innings
Atilano: 0-3, 8.79 era, 2.09 whip, 12/3 k/bb in 14 innings
JJones: 1-2, 3.31 era, 1.10 whip, 12/5 in 16.1 innings
VanAllen: 0-1, 6.75 era, 1.67 whip, 10/4 in 12 innings
Alaniz: 0-0, 4.50 era, 1.25 whip in his first start (6/4 in 4 innings).
(they already promosed O'Connor, who cleaned up AA hitters for three starts).

Good news: Justin Jones, a 24yr old Lefty from Norfolk, looks like he may be recovered from the knee injury he sustained 2 yrs ago. If you recall, he was unconditionally released in the fall of 07 after blowing out his knee playing basketball. He was removed from our 40-man but resigned with us to rehab. Perhaps this is someone we can keep an eye on for a back-of-the-rotation spot. Alaniz was 9-0 in high-A last year and had decent numbers in AA for 1/2 a season; we'll see how he goes.

Bad news: Detwiler may be our biggest draft bust outside of Crow since Washington arrived. He just doesn't seem to be getting it. VanAllen is in his 3rd professional year out of Baylor and needs to step it up. Atilano is a bit younger so we should be patient.

At some point we may have to dump Detwiler off the 40-man and take our chances with him. But at this point he just doesn't seem like he's developing into the guy we thought he would be.

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