Tuesday, April 21, 2009

JZimmermann's debut

Got home last night just in time to watch most of JZimmermann's debut. Here's my succinct reaction: wow.

His line for the night: 6ip, 6hits, 2runs (both earned), 1bb, 3ks. He did 6 innings in 72 pitches (51 for strikes). The line doesn't sound terribly impressive in and among itself unless you saw the performance. The runs he gave up were on an 0-2 fastball that missed its location and got pounded over the fence. Of the hits he gave up, he handled them very well. He survived two doubles in the same inning somehow. He gave up a triple to Chipper Jones to start an inning then mowed through Atlanta's 4-5-6 hitters to strand him there, the ball never leaving the infield. He was getting some *really* silly looking swings from hitters.

Fastball topped out at 95 but looked "heavy." It really jammed some of the guys. A ton of movement on the fastball side-to-side (this is how he gave up the HR; a fastball moved back over the plate when it was supposed to be outside). Nice slider that he wasn't afraid to throw on first pitch. A hellacious curveball with really sick 12-6 movement. And I think he has a change up that I don't necessarily remember him throwing.

He looked really good. I know i'm a nats fan and watched that game with hopeful eyes but man he looked like he could really throw at this level.

Other game notes:
- announced attendance: 12,473. Ok that's ridiculous. That means maybe the season ticket sales are off closer to 40%. At game time I bet there weren't more than a few hundred in the stadium (for obvious reasons). I'm actually happy about the ridiculous ticket sales becuase I hope it spurs the team into doing things right in terms of marketing and sales, and that they bring ticket sales down.
- The nats really worked Derek Lowe. 112 pitches to get throuigh 6 innings for him. But the plate umpire was calling things *really* tight. Lowe was visibuly frustrated. Our 2-3-4-5 guys must have taken 60 of those 112 pitches. Our lineup really works pitchers.
- New look bullpen; Wells looked ok, Beimel ok, Mock ok and Hanrahan didn't blow it. fantastic.

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  1. Oh, one more cool tidbit I just learned. The nationals set an all time National League record last night by stranding no less than 19 base runners over 9 innings. now that's some clutch hitting! Seriously; Derek Lowe is a pretty darn good pitcher and our best hitters really had to work to get on base. I think it was a well played, well pitched game.