Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nats v Phils

Quick, which teams has the worst team ERA? The 1-8 Nationals or the 4-5 World Champion Phillies?

The answer is the Phillies, but, unfortunately for both teams, they're both pretty egregious (records in parentheses):

26. Washington Nationals (1-8): 6.40
27. Baltimore Orioles (6-4): 6.47
28. Texas Rangers (4-6): 7.06
29. Philadelphia Phillies (4-5): 7.06
30. Cleveland Indians (3-8): 7.16

Interestingly, the Nats also have a better team batting average than the Phillies:

1. Toronto Blue Jays (8-4): .307
2. St. Louis Cardinals (8-4): .299
3. Texas Rangers (4-6): .293
4. Baltimore Orioles (6-4): .290
5. New York Mets (5-5): .283
6. Detroit Tigers (5-5): .281
7t. Washington Nationals (1-8): .280
7t. Florida Marlins (9-1): .280
9. Los Angeles Dodgers (8-3): .278
10. Philadelphia Phillies (4-5): .274

You might also notice that the Rangers and the Orioles are the only teams in the top five in worst team ERA and best team batting average.

So what does all this mean? Nothing I guess. It's still early in the season...but maybe all of the baseball pundits who picked the Phillies to win the NL East or grab the wildcard need to reconsider their predictions. But again, it's early.


  1. After the first week I saw one of those cool baseball prospectus type stats that said the Nats were leading the league in Batting Average on balls in play and in Line Drive percentage. In other words, as a team they were making the best contact of any team in baseball.

    I don't think anything will change; we have the pitching staff we have. Now we see the folly in letting go OPerez, Redding and Hill. No veteran presence, no seasoned guy to stop a losing streak or to mentor younger pitchers. I'm still fuming about the Hill release. Just don't get it.

    Redding I suppose I can understand b/c he's apparently hurt. OPerez is an idiot; instead of being "insulted" by 850k a year he's sitting on his ass at his compound in the D.R. probably done playing baseball.

    Predictions: if Olsen doesn't get his act together in the next few starts we either DFA him or option him to AAA and bring up Wells. Or maybe they try out one of the FAs out there. Byrd only wants to play a partial season, maybe he's a good option.

  2. Oh, coincidentally, you have to think the Marlins are a huge favorite right now. Everyone slept on them; they won 84 games last year in a division with the Mets and the WS champ Phillies! Looking at their lineup last year versus this year, they improved at catcher, dumped their most inefficient pitchers in Olsen and Hendrickson, have a pretty solid 1-2-3 rotation of Nolasco-Johnson-Volstad, their #4 pitcher looks tough too, and they got a good setup guy in Nunez in the Jacobs trade. And they have some scary bats in that lineup.

    It should be an interesting NL east. Atlanta really improved on the mound. Phillies are struggling from the mound now but you have to think they'll get it back. The mets starters are falling apart right now.