Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shocker: Guzman to 15-day DL

So our fragile SS was placed on 15-day DL with a strained hamstring. Being that Harris is already on DL himself and Belliard is hurt we needed to add some middle-infielder depth. Ironic since we just DFA'd Casto and removed him from 40-man a few days earlier.

Instead of calling up Desmond from AA, we added Cintron to the last available 40-man spot and called him up. YOu have to do what you have to do I guess (we literally had zero cover for 2nd or SS last night if someone else got hurt; i guess it could have been fun to see Dunn playing 2nd base :-) though).

The problem is, we're running out of candidates to dump off the 40-man next. We HAVE to drop someone else inside of the next 2 days for JZimmermann. Or we don't, throw a mis-mash of relievers at that game and wait til 4/28 (the next time we need a 5th starter). I personally would recommend this second option, but on the off chance the Nationals do something else idiotic (like recalling Bernadina so we again have a 5th outfielder sitting on his ass all game), who are the candidates for DFA?

We have nobody close to going to 60-day DL as far as I can tell, unless we do that to Dmitry Young. Which i'm all for frankly. But here's the non active roster 40-man candidates:

15day: DYoung, TYoung, Harris, CGuzman
60day: Chico

SP: Balester, Detwiler, Atilano, JZimmerman
RP: MEstrada, Bergmann, Mock, Clippard
C: Montz
INF: Desmond
OF: Milledge, Maxwell

- assign dYoung to 60-day dl
- freaking cut DYoung why in the hell did we put him back on the 40-man in the first place
- Rizzo will cut a deal with Cincinnati for TYoung, remove him from 40-man (probably the best move)
- Cut Bard or Nieves (why again are we carrying 3 catchers on the active roster??)
- Of the rest of these guys at AA or AAA, i'd say it may be Maxwell. 25, 4 years in the minors, blocked by a gazillion other OFs in the system...



  1. OK, new theory. After last night's latest bullpen debacle, we cut Ledezma outright, bringup a replacement middle reliever like Bergmann (who by all accounts deserved to be on the roster out of spring training), Mock or Clippard. then, we use the vacated 40-man spot to add JZimmermann and we don't have to make any difficult decisions.

  2. OH, also did you guys see what happened to Bernadina? Gets called up, plays one game and fractures his ankle Ugh. That's a horrible blow for him and his development as a player.

    We immediately put him on 15-day dl, but he's out for 2 months so we could put him on 60-day dl to free a spot too. That might be the easiest thing to do.

    Meanwhile they called up Maxwell. This now makes for the 8th outfielder we've used in the first 10 games of the season? Dunn, Millege, Dukes, Kearns, Willingham, Harris, Bernadina, and Maxwell.

    Perhaps Bowden was right; we did need to carry a gazillion outfielders :-)