Thursday, April 23, 2009

Various Musings about the Nationals...

Since droopy thinks there's no content here...

- I watched most of the game last night, a 1-0 loss to the Braves. Lannan cruised through 7 innings allowing 5 hits/2bbs and never really looking stressed. 95 pitches. He looked pretty good.

- Despite the papers saying the bullpen blew another save, I think it was rather unlucky for the Nats. We missed a chance to turn a DP to end the 9th. Mock takes a very unfortunate loss; it was his baserunner that Hinckley walked in ... Hinckley really deserves that loss. Hinckley threw 12 pitches on the night, only 4 for strikes in walking home the winning run. Mock actually looked pretty good. The Nats had guys on third with one out twice and got really unlucky; Flores hit a screaming grounder that CJones dove to get, and Dukes just plastered a ball right at the shortstop. In either case had the infield not been playing in, we'd have runs.

- I don't think Atlanta's lineup is nearly as strong as Floridas at the plate. And I think you can say that florida's 1-2-3 sps (Nolasco-Johnson-Volstad) are better than Atlanta's (Lowe-Jurrjens-Vazquez).

- Majestic apologized for the Uniform misspelling. Gee thanks, it already got spread all over the wire by ESPN and made the Nationals even more of a laughing stock around the league.

- Ryan Zimmerman quietly has a 12-game hitting streak. In fact the Nats' 2-3-4-5-6 guys are really tearing the cover off the ball. Johnson is hitting above .500 since moving to the #2 hole, Dunn is like 2nd in the league right now in .OBP, Dukes really hits the ball hard but he's hitting it right at people right now.

- Kearns; what a loser. He had a shot to drive in a run with 2 outs, swings at the first pitch and weakly pops it up to the 2nd baseman. Sit him, cut him, get rid of him. Of course, he'll probably start for a few games b/c Willingham got hit with baseballs twice (one fouled off his foot, one that hit him in the on-deck circle).

- Boswell chat at 2pm today:


  1. Wow, I did not realize the Nats walked in the winning run of a 1-0 game. I bet ELIAS would have trouble finding many instances of a 1-0 game ending or decided by a walked in run.

    Nats have really been in nearly every game this year. They are at least competitive which is all you can ask for right now.

  2. Boswell's chat was pretty good today; he touched on one of my really sore subjects (season tickets).

    Yeah, with a bit more luck and a bit better of a bullpen the nats wouldn't be too bad right now. For a while I almost was rooting for them to continue losing as penance to the ownership group for failing again to address the glaring weaknesses of the team.

    But I realize now it really wasn't the ownership group's fault; i'm squarely in the opinion that Bowden set back the franchise years through his various inadequacies (obsession w/ tools-y players, obsessions with ex-Reds who weren't worth the money, never addressing the bullpen, etc).