Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Very interesting comments from Bowden

Article today by Thom Loverro, the Washington Times' primary baseball writer and frequent guest on the "Sports Reporters" radio show on am980. Apparentely Jim Bowden surfaced in Los Angeles on a sports talk show and was very forth coming about some items of interest to the nats and their fans. The article is good. Highlights:

- Strasburg: the front office has already decided to draft him and will probably go as high as $15M for a bonus. I figured we'd start negotiating at about what Prior got (10.5M) and settle at 12M but $15M wouldn't be the worst contract ever.
- the Owners wouldn't let Bowden go above a certain amount w/ Aaron Crow which is what killed the deal. The numbers thrown around by both sides were fishy at the end, and frankly i don't think Crow wanted to play on this team no matter what the money (hence the ridiculous starting point of money demands in the negotiations).
- We offered Teixeira more than the yankees. That doesn't surprise me either and represents a very interesting about face for the Lerners after the Crow incident, if it is indeed true.

I'm not sure I fully believe all three of these points to be true. If we're going to spend 190M on Teixeira ... and then after we dont' get him, why not spend at least $10M to fortify the starting rotation and/or bullpen? Is it just the difference in the Lerner's mind about a franchise player expenditure versus competitive ball club expenditures?

Do we really believe that the ownership group has done such a 180 in terms of money? They blew the Aaron Crow signing over a few hundred thousand dollars but offered $190M to Teixeira (who is a good player but no where near the league of the mvp-calibre hitters like Pujols, Howard, Beltran, A-rod).



  1. I was never a believer (and probably never will) that the Nats were serious about "Big Texy", because of what you mentioned -- complete lack of a backup plan.

    Maybe it's what you mention, in labeling franchise players vs. fill-ins, but still -- I would think that if you put the necessary time into planning and budgeting for shelling out that much money for Texiera, and didn't have a backup plan in place in case he he DIDN'T take the money (and went to another team), that it makes no sense financially or for the success of the team.

    Either one of the following:

    1. Nats ownership never really was serious about the offer and it was window-dressing
    2. If they were serious, and were debating making that big of a splash in the FA market, and DIDN'T HAVE A BACKUP PLAN? That would signal to me, as a fan, caution, i.e., the Nats ownership has NO IDEA what they are doing.

    Just my thoughts...

  2. Interesting I had good things to say in this forum on my opinion for Shell after he was waived, and seemingly Bowden agrees:

    "The Nationals actually do have one bullpen guy who could help the Angels right now, and it's Steve Shell," he said. "... This is a guy that I think could help the Angels' bullpen. He's certainly not a setup [man] or closer, but he is someone who could definitely help in the middle relief. So that is the one guy that that club has that is available and who the Angels could trade for."