Thursday, April 23, 2009

When Can We Stop Saying, "It's Early?"

One thing that irks me at the start of every baseball season is the "It's early!" argument. As in somehow these games don't even count.

Witness the Phillies today -- 2008 World Champs with virtually the same lineup as last year, actually probably UPGRADED with the addition of Ibanez over Burrell -- Ibanez is tearing it up in the early going and loving his move from spacious Safeco to the Bandbox known as Citizen's Bank Park.

Anyway, Dave Bush -- of all people -- nearly no-hits the Phils today, in front of 36,000+ fans watching the traditional "BPS" game -- or a "Business Person's Special" for you non-Phillies fans.

Granted this core of Phils players has started EVERY SEASON slow, April is usually played in a dilusional fog for some reason, so just getting out of April at .500 would probably be a bonus. But efforts like today are just rediculous. NO WAY this offense gets no-hit by Dave Bush over eight innings at home. NO WAY that should happen.

On another note -- how about Albert Pujols. This guy is just a machine, like the commercial says. Add two steals in two game, in addition to his two homers today and nearly 20 RBI's in the first three weeks.


  1. ok i was just kidding. Mostly. hahaha.

    The batters look the same, and look like they're all mostly producing. Even slow starter Howard is hitting .300. However your bench looks slightly weaker. Or perhaps its the same clowns.

    I think where you really worry is pitching.
    - Hamels: looks like he's hurt.
    - Moyer; is this one year too long?
    - Meyers is who he is: high era innings eater.
    - Blanton looks like he's reverting to form, not the guy who was effective late last season for you.
    - Lidge won't be perfect again.
    - So far, the "replace Kendrick/Eaton" debacle has turned into the "Oh yeah chan ho park sucks" debacle.

    I don't think philly improved enough; they seem like they just stood pat. Granted I know they added a ton of payroll w/ arbitration hearings and escalations ... but where's the big FA pitcher they needed?

  2. The Phils are hitting but I just hate the days when it seems like they just don't show up. Dave Bush(leaguer) should not be no-hitting that lineup AT HOME. Rediculous.

    I think the pitching will turn around. We have one of the best bullpens in baseball, don't forget about that. And Romero returns after his 50 game BS suspension.

    --Chan Ho Suck -- I told you Suc-- I mean Park wouldn't amount to a starter. As much as he wants to be in the role. Happ is the better option. Park is not worthless, but he's better served in long-relief.

    --Moyer's ERA is still over 6 I think, but he's SLOWLY getting his effectiveness back, as evidence from his 3 or 4 starts this year, each one has gotten SLIGHTLY better. I think Moyer will be down in the 4.00's by June.

    --Myers is hot and cold, you just have to go with it. Still think he's an effective #2/3 for any team. He's also a FA after this year; lots of motivation for him and that next contract.

    --Hamels -- if you look closely at the box, Hamels breezed through the Brew Crew lineup in the first three innings with I believe 6 K's. His velocity always takes a while to get there, and him having to take three weeks off this spring after the cortizone shot didn't help. He'll be mowing people down by June.

    --Blanton -- Blanton is what he is, maybe a younger version of Moyer. He'll keep you in games, eat innings. He was very effective down the stretch and in the playoffs last year making the trade worthwhile, but he'll regress to his norm this year, which is an ERA around 4.50. Blanton didn't record a loss as a Phillie last year -- very interesting stat. Now I think he has two or three already, but he hasn't been getting run support in the early going.

    NOTE: Just read an article last night, Phils young arms are pitching really well in the early going down on the farm. (Although they always say that...) Carrasco is mowing people down, Kendrick is improving his command, and even #1 pick Kyle Drabek, post TJ Surgery, is pitching well in the low minors. We'll see what happens.

  3. P.S. Jen's brother John was on the same team as Dave Bush in high school. And John was the much better baseball player in high school than Dave Bush was. In fact, Dave Bush was only a catcher in high school. It wasn't until college that he was tried out as a pitcher. Fun fact for you there.