Monday, April 20, 2009

Will the 'Skins EVER Learn? Eagles Land an OT...

First, the 'skins: This can't be good, can it? Snyder, Zorn, and Cerrato wining and dining the latest flavor of the month, USC QB Mark Sanchez. From ESPN's Matt Mosley:

"Friday night, guests at DC's hot spot IL MULINO NEW YORK on Vermont Ave. were in awe to see USC Quarterback Mark Sanchez, Redskins Owner Dan Snyder, Executive VP Vinny Cerrato, Head Coach Jim Zorn, and the Skins QB Coach. They began their evening by first enjoying some drinks outside on the patio, then all ventured inside to dine. With the NFL DRAFT upon us, they held their secret meeting in the Private Room in the back of the restaurant. The 6'3", 225 lb. Trojan from Mission Viejo, CA dined on a PASTA TRIO and a 16oz VEAL CHOP. He definitely cleaned his plate!!"

A few thoughts on this recent perceived love-affair between the 'skins and Sanchez:

1. Early analysis from the "draft gurus" is that Sanchez probably won't be available for the 'skins at #13. If he isn't, that probably means the 'skins would have to mortgage more of their future (e.g., DRAFT PICKS!) in order to move up to snag him. They mortgaged two #1's to land Campbell if I'm not mistaken.

2. Speaking of Campbell, how does this make him feel right about now? Granted the 'skins offense struggled mightily last year, but still -- you'd think Campbell would have at least one more year to see if he really "has it." Considering all of the coaching changes and O-Coordinators, you'd think he at least deserves that.

3. Perhaps Zorn came in and as a QB Guru wants to draft and develop his own pick (Sanchez) rather than inheriting someone else's pick (Campbell.) Either way, this promises to provide more drama to the soap opera that is Danny Snyder and Washington Redskins football.

Thoughts from you Redskin fans?

As for my Eagles, well, it's not sexy -- but suddenly it seems the Birds have managed to improve their offensive line afterall. After all of the worrying, talk show banter, and negative news clippings -- as the Birds entered into the offseason letting two all-time Birds great warriors (Tra Thomas and John Runyan) walk as free-agents -- things looked bleak for the Birds.

Three months later, the Birds have signed Stacey Andrews from Cincy at RT and now traded for Jason Peters at LT. While these players may not be significant upgrades to their predecessors, they are significantly younger. And what the Birds have managed to do is secure their starting O-Line (re: CONTINUITY! Which is key to offensive lines in the NFL!) through 2013. Now it remains to be seen if they can 1. Remain healthy and 2. Mesh into a solid offensive line. But you have to like the moves they have made.

O-Line moves are not sexy, but being an Eagles fan my entire life, and witnessing some of the worst offensive line displays in all of football (God bless you Ron Jaworski for getting back up off the mat time and time again) and then seeing the Eagles' success over the last decade or so (with solid offensive line play), I have to view these moves as positives.

With a #1 still remaining (#21 overall -- they traded their second #1 this year, the #28 overall, plus a 4th to get Peters) and nine picks overall (I believe four #5's), the Eagles can still make some noise in this year's draft.


  1. Evidently, "The Danny" is in love with Sanchez. I seriously hope that the Redskins don't draft him. Mel Kiper seems to think that Sanchez could fall to the Skins at #13, but they've got to get some help on the O-line or D-line. What good is a quarterback if you can't protect him?

    Also, speaking of protecting the QB, Jason Campbell had the highest passer rating in the NFL through the first few weeks when he was getting protection. When O-linemen started getting banged up and his protection collapsed, Campbell started throwing picks.

    If you don't have a decent O-line, Sanchez is going to get murdered. Snyder, PLEASE DON'T DRAFT HIM, EVEN IF HE FALLS TO YOU. AND CERTAINLY DON'T TRADE MORE PICKS TO MOVE UP!!!

  2. Snyder is the reason the Redskins will continue to go 7-9, 8-8, with occasional seasons where they get lucky and go 10-6 and make it into the playoffs (yes, their last playoff season when they were 5-6 and ran off 5 straight I attribute to luck).

    You can continue to spend money and continue to be mediocre, or you can rebuild from scratch, use draft picks wisely and build a team that lasts. I think of the 1-15 Dallas team that picked up great skill players like Aikman, Emmitt and Irwin and then created a dynasty.

    I think Snyder runs his team like a fantasy football team, and he has yet to learn from his mistakes. Think of all the high-priced FA busts we've had here in the last 10 eyars.

    I'm not sure why i'm commenting since i don't really give a sh*t about the redskins.

  3. From Boswell's chat today:

    Arlington, Va.: Wonder if I can squeeze a non-Natinals question in here: Sanchez? Or no Sanchez for the Skins?

    Tom Boswell: Wilbon and I were talking about this in the CCC parking lot after Tiger's press conference the other day. There we are, standing in the rain, agreeing in very loud voices that no one in their right mind would go after Sanchez __given how much the Skins would have to give for him and that they'd also have given up on Campbell.

    Then we both said, "But watch them break their backs trying to do it anyway."

    This is all Snyder. He like the guy in high school who desperately wanted to date the prettiest girl in the class __because he was told "She's the prettiest"__ until somebody comes along and tells him, "Psssst, there's a NEW prettiest girl in the class." So, he dumps one and goes after the other.

    You say: It can't be that simple.

    After 10 years, I'm starting to think that maybe it is that simple.


    A decent analogy from Boswell about Snyder's obsession with name players without regard to the effects it has on his team...