Thursday, May 7, 2009

Its time to pull the plug on Daniel Cabrera

Daniel Cabrera signed a 1yr $2.6M deal in the offseason to be our #3 starter.

He's had 6 starts. His line: 0-3, 4.85 ERA, 1.82 whip, 29.2 innings pitched, 10Ks, 22 bbs, 1 hbp and SEVEN wild pitches. the Nationals are 0-6 in his starts.

Last night's effort was indicative; 5 1/3 innings, 6 hits, 5 walks, 1 k, and loss.

Now, his ERA isn't the worst on the team, and ERA is a bad indicator usually of how bad a pitcher is. So is W/L record, since often times teams don't hit for you and sometimes bullpens blow games. The nats are giving Cabrera 7.85 runs scored/9 innings right now, and we know our bullpen is bad, but you have to at least give the bullpen a chance.

1.82 whip. a 10-22 k/bb ratio. 7 wild pitches in 6 starts. I watched his 5th start (last night was his 6th) and he's downright terrible.

I think its time. I think you drop him to the bullpen in a long-relief mode, let him mop up blowout games where we don't care how many runners he puts on base, call up Stammen or Balester from AAA (or hell put Wells into the rotation), and move forward.

We have to have pitchers that at least give us a chance to win.


  1. As I said before -- if the Baltimore Orioles (see their starting pitching staff -- they chose Adam Eaton over Cabrera) gave up on him, chances were unless a miracle happened resulting from a "change of scenery" that the DC in DC saga was probably going to end ugly. At this point his job will be to eat innings for the Nats. Nothing more.

  2. 5/11/09 Update. Cabrera turned in this gem last night pitching against a weaker-hitting Giants team:

    box score link:

    4 2/3s innings, 8 runs (3 earned), 8 hits, 6 walks, 3 ks, 1 HBP, 1 WP. 93 pitches 51 strikes. FIFTEEN baserunners in 4 and 2/3rds. that's a whip above 3.00. Amazing.

    The 5 unearned runs all were unearned after Willingham missed a fly ball that would have ended the inning. After which, Cabrera lost his head and walked 4 straight.

    [ Side note: my disagreement w/ earned run average computing. Yes it was an error that extended the inning, but how can you say every run that scored after an error was unearned? Willingham's error didn't walk 4 guys. This is why the ERA isn't the greatest indicator of a pitcher's effectiveness. ]

    A Nats Journal poster did a quick analysis of the rotation and the Nats' schedule over the next 10 days and determined that Cabrera probably is given one more start just so that we don't have to do an early callup and/or have guys go on short rest. AFter that, you have to think he's done with the organization. A $2.6M experiment that's failed before the season is 20% over. Thanks Bowden!