Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lannan gets a win...

5/4/09 Nats clobber Houston 9-4 last night, with Lannan getting the win despite, frankly, getting pounded. 6ip, 9hits and 2bbs with 0 strikeouts for a whip of almost 2.0 yet gets the win because our team can flat out mash the ball.

Almost every one of our regular 9 is hitting .300 right now. our 1-6 looks fantastic, for the first time in quite a while.

Zimmerman keeps reminding me of what an idiot I was for drafting Atkins instead of him to fill my 3rd baseman slot in fantasy; in fact I dumped Atkins today for Hank Blalock. One month of crummy stats is enough.

however, the best news was the performance of our bullpen. Hanrahan (1 inning) and Mock (2 innings) gave up 0 runs. amazing! Probably b/c the Astros were losing on a crummy weather night by the time these guys came in. But its a start.


ps: where are you two? no posts, no comments? am i just talking to myself here? Why don't we open this up to the normal group-cc email people like Kenny G, Dylan, Pat Boyd or others, even if they're just posting small replies?

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  1. Amazing (well seemingly) how the results from the following moves and events -- that altogether didn't seem overwhelming -- have paid off in the early going for the Nats:

    1. Signing and inserting Dunn into the middle of the lineup; Zimm was the only threatening hitter on that team last year (as a Phillies fan, usually he was the guy you'd hate to see up in a key situation, and the thought was if you got him out, you'd be on your way to a W.)

    2. An actually HEALTHY Zimm -- Boss, as I'm sure you know, playing with a screwed up should would HAVE to affect your performance. Painful.

    3. A healthy Nick Johnson -- he's no Pujols, but a .300+ average, health, the guy could always rake.

    4. Seemingly maturing Dukes.

    5. Jesus Flores potentially becoming one of the top catchers in the NL over time.

    6. A healthy Guzman at the top of the lineup.