Friday, May 1, 2009

non sports: Supreme Court Retirement coming?

With the news that David Souter may be retiring, Obama gets to make his first nomination. Unfortunately (for us more liberal minded persons), Souter already was one of the more liberal voices and thus Obama can't really do much to re-shape the already heavily conservative leaning court. But as the article notes, he can put in someone who favors specific issues moreso than the current court make up.

By my opinion, the court sits as follows:
- Arch conservatives: Alito, Scalia, Thomas, Roberts (arguable how conservative he has shown himself to be thus far...)
- Moderate Conservatives: Kennedy, Souter
- Moderate Liberals: Breyer, Ginsberg, Stevens
- Arch Liberals: none

Amazingly, 7 of the 9 justices right now were appointed by Republicans yet somehow there's still somewhat of a balance of conservative and liberal viewpoints. This is because two republican nominations have "turned" since their appointment.

What Obama really needs is for one of the older arch-conservatives (Scalia is really the best bet) to retire/quit/die so that he can reshape the court with an arch-liberal. But unfortunately the two oldest justices are the most liberal members (Ginsberg, Stevens). My guess is that both these latter two will retire in Obama's first term, guaranteeing liberal replacements.

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