Monday, May 4, 2009

Would the Nats re-draft Aaron Crow!?

According to MLB's Nationals beat reporter Bill Ladson (who I think is a moron coincidentally), the Nationals brain trust "have not ruled out drafting right-hander Aaron Crow for the second year in a row." In fact they're scouting his indy league start tonight 5/4.

Now, I know that Crow was considered to be the most complete pitching prospect in last year's draft ... but would drafting him again be a massive mistake? Was last year's signing debacle 100% a Jim Bowden F*ckup or was there something about the organization that scared Crow off? According to Bowden's radio interview last week, the Nationals ownership group wouldn't pony up the dollars to sign Crow. Meanwhile, the "word on the street" at the time was that Crow didn't want the Nats to draft him and let it be known as such.

We have no safety net with this pick; we *MUST* draft someone at 9a/10 slot who will sign. On the other hand, is Crow in a similar spot? Can he turn down a multi-million dollar signing bonus for the 2nd straight year?

I don't know. I say we should stay away from Crow. Too much water under the bridge from last year. The last thing you want is an underperforming, moody ball player who just got paid (uh, like Felipe Lopez during his entire tenure here). I'd rather see the Nats take a different college arm at that position and target a #3/#4 starter in 2011.

Strasburg, JZimmermann, Martis, Lannan and maybe a veteran free agent as our rotation in 2010?

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