Monday, June 1, 2009

FC Boss Fantasy Outlook; ready to make a move

We've just finished week 8 of fantasy, and FC Boss is poised to make a big move. My next two opponents are 11th and 12th place Donkey Punchers and B-Tarded before finishing the circuit with a tougher opponent in 4th place Dogs in the bathtub. I just put a hurting on Chico's Bail Bonds 9-3 and look poised to rocket up the standings. I'm not sure if I can make up 10 games in the loss column in the next two weeks but I'm hoping to at least push closer to 2nd place.

Here's my pitching w/l records through 8 weeks:
Wins: 5-2-1
Losses: 4-4
Saves: 0-8
Ks: 6-2
ERA: 2-5-1
Whip: 2-6

Notes on SP-only strategy:
- I *probably* should be 8-0 on Ks; two roster mistakes during out-of-town trips cost me starts and
- Amazingly i'm even on Losses. This is an added bonus, as I figured i'd be 0-8 in losses and 8-0 in wins.
- Despite getting somewhere between 11 and 15 starts per week out of my SPs, i've had several weeks where i only had 3 wins. I really thought i'd be unbeatable in wins.
- My era and whips are far higher than I thought they'd be.
- I added a couple of hot relievers this past week in an effort to lower whip/era, but quickly ended the experiment when one of them got tagged for 3er in an inning.

Conclusion: I don't think i'll be doing this again next year. Right now my SP only strategy seems to be earning me a 2-3-1 record in pitching each week. Next year; all relievers :-)

What is saving me so far is the performance of my hitters, who I thought would be letting me down. After drafting duds Ortiz, Alexei Ramirez and Atkins early, I have picked up waiver wire gems Mark Reynolds, Aaron Hill and Asoudral Cabrera to fill 3b, SS and Util excellently. Here's my hitting w/l on the season:

Runs: 6-2
HRs: 7-1
rbi: 5-2-1
SBs: 3-5
Avg: 3-4-1
ops: 6-2

So. What does this mean for the league? I'm dominant in 6 categories week by week (runs, homers, RBIs, ops, wins, Ks), i'm conceding another 3 categories (saves, era, whip) each week, and then about .500 in the rest (SBs, avg, losses). If i can continue this, i'll end up middle of the road standings-wise but be a very dangerous opponent in the playoffs.

Only caveat seems to be my performance against the best teams. Against the top 3 teams my guys went (in order of standings) 4-8, 4-7-1 and 3-7-2. In 3 weeks my biggest test will be the head-to-head against "Dogs in the bathtub."

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