Friday, June 26, 2009

The NBA is Stupid...

Caught some of the NBA draft last night, if for any other reason, the Phils were getting smoked by Tampa, and as if it wasn't bad enough, Durbin was getting absolutely squeezed by (Home plate umpire Rampuano I think it was?) Ball right down the heart of the plate to Burrell, and no call. Next thing Durbin and Ruiz are nearly two-on-oneing the ump, so Utley has to come in and play peacemaker. Sadly after the first inning, that was the only highlight of the Phils game. Man, things looked so good two weeks ago, and now the Phils can't buy a win. Nothing like the ups and downs of a 162-game baseball season.

So, anyway, back to the NBA draft. I've asked this question many times over the years in this forum, and so I'll ask it again -- my question with the NBA. WHAT'S THE FREAKING POINT? I keep hearing maybe three or four guys might have an impact on an NBA lineup out of all the guys drafted last night. So my point is:
  • If you can't make any deals because of the salary cap
  • If you can't improve through the trade
What's the point of even following a team when there's exactly 100% chance they don't have any chance of making it to the East Finals, let alone Finals. And for another 5-8 years. What's the point?

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  1. I have some buddies from college who loved playing pickup basketball. And they continue to follow the NBA, the Wizards, the Nuggets (where my old roomie moved to), etc.

    And I ask them all the time; what do you see in this league, or the NBA in general? You can't play unless you're a freak of a physical stature (if you're 6'4" you're already taller than 99.5% of other US males, and 6'4" is considered to be a guard's height). Its almost totally urban, hip-hop, black in nature. The players are generally uneducated and basically bred to play basketball by AAU and youth systems. They make minimum salaries in the 750k and i think the median income of an NBA player is north of $3M these days.

    Add to this the roster inflexibility, the incredible dependence on individual players, the general lack of defense, attitude, discipline and teamwork ... its just not a good product.